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Why WeSIP?

We aim to fulfil our long-term goals through steady accumulation of appreciating assets by way of an SIP into equity funds. However, if the markets correct significantly or we are not able to save, due to a life event, then the goals may remain unfulfilled.

WeSIP helps us mitigate both risks

Portfolio Risk Management

As valuations become expensive, market risks increases. WeSIP recognises this uniquely and shifts the accumulated corpus into a liquid fund in stages, while continuing to invest the SIP amount in the underlying equity fund.

This helps avoid potentially big losses on accumulated corpus, while achieving rupee cost averaging of an SIP

Life Risk Management

50x of monthly SIP amount as complimentary Life Insurance cover for the 1st year of the start of an SIP

100x of monthly SIP amount as complimentary Life Insurance cover from 2nd year of SIP till age 46

WeSIP – Risk Management

Risk Management

After markets become expensive, even top equity funds begin to underperform or lose value delivering significantly lower future returns

The accumulated portion of your SIP behaves like a lump sum investment after valuation peaks and is subject to potential market correction

The best way to mitigate this risk is to gradually shift the accumulated Equity portion into safer assets like Liquid funds, when markets become expensive and risky.

Rolling Returns

Normal SIP Rolling Returns WeSIP Rolling Returns
Fund Category 3 yr 5 yr 10 yr 3 yr 5 yr 10 yr
HDFC Top 100 Fund Large Cap 21.80% 22.64% 21.12% 25.61% 26.79% 26.28%
Aditya Birla SL Equity Fund Multi Cap 21.78% 22.35% 19.47% 27.14% 28.20% 26.93%
Franklin India Prima Fund Mid Cap 26.02% 25.77% 21.42% 31.35% 31.64% 29.14%


  1. Average returns for the different time frames are calculated based on historical data of funds between Jan 1st 1999 and 31st July 2019
  2. WeSIP risk management works effectively on all types of Equity Funds : Large, Flexi or Mid

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