Traveling more often is a popular goal throughout the year. However big or small, planning and budgeting your financial goals for traveling is actually a smart money goal. It takes money in order to travel!

What is your GOAL?

Setting financial goals can be too overwhelming as there is too much competition for too few rupees.

Determine an appropriate time frame for each goal. Divide them each into short term, (one to two years), medium term (two to seven years), long-term (10 years) and, because you’re young, long-term plus (more than 10 years). Travel can form a part of medium-term goal.

You have to prioritize: Which goal is more important to you, a short-term, medium-term or a long-term goal? It is always recommended to make long-term goals such as saving for retirement a primary goal and keeping secondary goals such as consumption/travel a secondary one. Once you have attained the resources to comfortably fund your primary goals, move up the pyramid and see what your secondary goals are.

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