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e-KYC reduces turnaround time and paperwork.

WealthSecure platform allows you to complete your e-KYC process in real-time, by submitting scanned images of your PAN card, address proof and your photograph. No more printing, form-filling and enduring a logistics nightmare.

If you are already KYC compliant, the refined processes on the platform will fetch your KYC records & onboard you electronically in a jiffy thanks to the documents that you already have on hand.


Look before you leap. Financial planning involves collecting, organizing and assimilating many minute details. It requires making assumptions about your future and the flexibility to modify it to suit the several scenarios playing on your mind.

This essential process need not be daunting. Infact, it can be fun and insightful, thanks to the creative ways in which the impact of each decision is visually depicted on our platform. What’s more, the goals that you have set can be tracked against timelines and expectations.

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Your schedules are getting busier. The challenges of coordinating all logistics and executing within time-limits can get daunting especially if one considers the impact of missed opportunities.

To make your life simple, WealthSecure sets in motion an integrated operational & technological arrangement that is networked with manufacturers, brokers, payment gateways and many more – all waiting to serve you at the click of a button.


Different portfolios for similar risk appetites are a result of advisors following random portfolio construction, in the name of customisation. This decreases efficiency in their monitoring, with too many suggestions made across clients. Unless you have model portfolios that you can transparently track, it may be difficult to know if the advisor’s best choices are implemented for you or not.

At WealthSecure, all you need to do is decide on your long term asset allocation as an investor, depending on who you are – risk profile based, or who you need to be – goal based or a mix of it and follow the model portfolio most suitable to you. We shall take care of the rest. Be it the selection of the best fund managers suitable to you, suggesting allocations based on market conditions and execute it the same time as with everyone.

The latest updated recommendations of WealthSecure will automatically be replicated for your new allocations, having rebalanced the accumulated investments. So the next time you decide to add to your portfolio, think of just the amount you wish to invest. Nothing else.

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Happy investors are those who are able to see the progress of their investments clearly. Happier are those who can see it exceed their own initial expectations and other passive alternatives. We understand that investors are typically made to navigate mountainous reports to find simple truths about their progress vis-a-vis the original plan. And whether only permissible risks have been taken to achieve it.

To help you make sense of it all, WealthSecure brings you the Gold Standard in portfolio reporting which is advanced, yet simple. Through our unique reporting formats and analytical tools, you will know whether your portfolio’s journey was smoother than the markets and if it was more beneficial having followed our advice.


Imagine calculating a million combinations to come up with one optimal probability of making or losing money. Build your probability of success in the future, based on an exhaustive study of the past. The Intellivest ‘Robo-Advisory’ process does just that. Intellivest hunts amongst million plus combinations, for that one portfolio with the greatest chance of success based on your parameters. It looks into data across Equity, Cash, Gold and Debt since 1979, analyses thousands of funds and their daily track-record since their inception and marry it with our latest views on markets. All of this in less than 10 seconds. Given another minute… you can actually invest in a basket of the appropriate model portfolio of funds and get back to your life.

When you are short of time, Intellivest helps you replicate our best ideas that are aligned to evolving views on markets and fund managers.

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone could liaise with the brightest minds in the investment and advisory space on your behalf and crystalize the best mixture of ongoing investments in response to market conditions. On an ongoing basis, the advisory team at WealthSecure conducts in-depth research on all asset classes and puts together the right mixes for various risk appetite levels. These well thought through strategies are often back tested, before they are put forth as suggested model portfolios.


Markets and its risks vary depending on the perception of investors. And it may change in response to their perception of experiences and reading of market conditions. Therefore, to design one’s portfolio that accommodates several shades of your comfort levels, we are well armed with a plethora of solutions. Both the simple and sophisticated. WealthSecure organizes it all, acting as a one stop shop, helping you preserve, grow and enhance your wealth, by providing insightful value added advice and solutions to fulfil your goals.

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Markets revert to mean. But to know when…is a like the hunt for the Holy grail of investing. It’s probably a tough hunt but not an impossible one. Our experience tells us that if one were to focus on the gap between the ground reality and investors perception of it, it’s easier to know when the gap is at the widest, based on history. At such extremes, it is easier to avoid risk or fear and build our portfolios accordingly. More often than not and sooner than later, your calculations will pay-off.

To help you keep an eye on the evolving market risks and the opportunity it presents, we have developed WeTAAf – WealthSecure Tactical Asset Allocation framework. Its primary duty is to sound you out as to when the odds of making money for you are in your favour and when they are not, based on common sense that need not be uncommon.


How about being your own investment manager and building your own portfolio? Portfolio Builder or the DIY (Do It Yourself) model enables the you to simulate and back-test the effectiveness of portfolio construction of stocks. Through fundamental factors you can distinguish the quality of companies and their relative attractiveness. You can then compare your strategy of investing in such like companies and compare it to the best of mutual fund managers. You can be sure if investing with fund managers is worth it. And when it comes to funds, our multi-factor Star rating process of funds, makes sure that only the best are recommended based on your stated needs

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At Wealthsecure we record all the facets of our relationships and make it available to you on-demand. Be it the portfolio that needs to be rebalanced, the risk profile that needs to be updated or the FMPs that are likely to mature. We organize it all and alert you for further action.


Most advisory is rooted in information arbitrage, between those who know and those who wish they knew. As a responsible Wealth Manager, you may want to cover all your bases and be several steps ahead of the knowledge levels of your competition. As an added requirement, you may want to make sure that your staff is well informed and trained. In an era where institutions themselves grapple with the challenges of imparting training to their staff, imagine having access to insightful perspectives in one place and training yourself at your convenience.

The Learn Centre where your staff can be encouraged to learn the nuances of Wealth management concepts and practices and test themselves. Surely we want those who represent us to be at their possible best.


  • Curated explanatory notes, presentations and videos
  • Impart regulatory updates
  • Test and certify
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