Financial Planning and Online investment – For Women

Financial Planning and Online investment - For Women

Women are pretty adept at playing many roles at ease. They play a very critical role in every family because they are the ones who plan and control the household budget. However, studies have shown that despite being educated, women aren’t as confident about financial matters as men. They rely either on their father or husband when it comes to financial planning. It is high time women become financially independent and logically plan for contingencies as well.

The need for financial planning for a woman:

Ø   To understand her financial situation: A financial plan displays a correct picture of your cashflows, thus helping in understanding cash surplus/deficit at the end of a particular period. If there is a deficit, you can check and understand the nature of expenses incurred and curb the expenses by prioritising the goals. If there is a surplus, you can systematically invest that money for future consumption.

 Role of a Financial advisor in Tax Planning

Ø  Tracking her’s and her family’s goals: A financial plan analyses your current and future savings and allocates the money for your goals, based on their priorities. It also considers the liquidity requirement for any contingencies in future. Hence, you get to know what all goals would be achieved in future and to what extent.

Role of a Financial advisor in Tax Planning

Ø  To have a proper plan of action: A financial plan does portfolio restructuring, if your financial investments are not performing well. Then based on the suggested restructuring, it shows purchase/redemption at each instrument level.

Role of a Financial advisor in Tax Planning

There are certain key strategies that women can use to ensure they find the right support:

Ø  Find a good financial planner, who will explain you the basics of the process, and use sophisticated financial tools for planning your future financial journey.

Ø  List down your goals, along with their priorities, so that your planner can design strategies to help you achieve those goals.

Ø  Help your planner with all the required data to generate an accurate financial plan.

Ø  Make sure that your planner understands your needs as they change over time and updates your plan accordingly.

Financial Plan takes care of asset allocation. This asset allocation can be easily achieved via investing in mutual funds (MFs), since MFs offer exposure to various asset classes.Any woman, even without a proper financial background, can diversify her portfolio by investing in such products. SIPs with long term horizon can help her in wealth creation.

Online platforms like have made MF investing easy and convenient for women of all ages. They can view all their investments at one place. They can get personalized investment advice and recommendations for their future goals on such platforms. The financial plan generated using such advanced financial tools can be executed online in a very hassle-free manner.

Women have always followed some or the other method of saving money for contingencies. Women are also earning more than before. Rather than simply keeping aside some amount of money every month and randomly investing it anywhere, women should start making use of such smart financial assessment tools and do goal based investments. By this way, they will be able to achieve their goals smartly and intelligently.

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